Bitcoin Lightning Network Hits 1,000 BTC Capacity on Its One Year Anniversary

Bitcoin Lightning Network has surpassed 1,000 BTC network capacity on its one year anniversary. The event highlights’ the layer-two scaling solution’s progression in the short span of only a year.  Bitcoin Lightning Network: Happy Birthday! One year ago, on March 15th, Lightning Labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark, announced the first official beta implementation of the Lightning […]

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Andrew Yang’s Crazy UBI Plan: Give Lazy Freeloaders $12,000 Every Year for Doing Nothing

Last month, Democratic rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came under fire for a line in the Green New Deal that promised security for those “unwilling to work.” Her team quickly lied about it, claiming GOP doctoring, before eventually chalking it up to an “early draft” that was accidentally released. But Universal Basic Income (UBI) is gaining […]


Could 2020 be the Year of Bitcoin Purchased Frappuccinos? One Venture Capitalist Believes So

Analysts and investors alike widely believe that increased adoption of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, will help drive their price higher while also providing more stability to the nascent markets. Despite the persisting crypto bear market, over the past year there have been multiple advancements in the industry that will likely lead to increased adoption down the […]


Another University Endowment Invests in Crypto Fund: 2019 is the Year of Institutions

The University of Michigan’s $ 11.9 million endowment fund has plans to increase its stakes in a crypto fund managed by Andreessen Horowitz. The public university said in its Regents Communication agenda that it was looking to make additional investments into the California-based venture capital firm’s CNK Fund I. Earlier, in June 2018, the endowment had […]


TomoChain Founder Hits Back at Vitalik – Says Ethereum in for a Tough Year

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is well-known for dismissing blockchain projects that claim high transaction speeds as “centralized” and unworthy. Long Vuong, founder of TomoChain (TOMO) has fired back with some criticism of his own. TomoChain Offers 1,000TPS Compared to Ethereum’s Double Digits The TomoChain network aims at being a public EVM-compatible blockchain with faster and […]


Bitcoin Transferred More Than $3.2 Trillion in Value Last Year

Bitcoin’s (BTC) layer 1 transaction volume in 2018 was $ 3.2 trillion. Furthermore, over $ 2.2 trillionof Bitcoin was traded throughout last year – almost four times more than the amount traded in 2017, despite the falling prices.  $ 3.2 Trillion Transferred Despite Lower Price Twitter account Satoshi Capital Research (@chartingbitcoin) has shared some statistics of Bitcoin’s performance in 2018 […]