Wyoming Passes Blockchain Bank Bill Despite Industry Opposition

Despite serious opposition from the banking industry, the state of Wyoming has passed a blockchain bank bill almost unanimously. The move further cements the state’s welcoming approach to blockchain integration. 13-1 Majority to Pass the Bill The state of Wyoming has a reputation for being welcoming towards blockchain technology. This reputation was strengthened by a legislative […]

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Wyoming Eyes Creation of Blockchain-Friendly Bank to Lure Bitcoin Startups

Advertisement With regulations being one of the main reasons why traditional commercial banks give bitcoin a wide berth, state senators and representatives in Wyoming are eyeing a legislative fix to the problem. Wyoming Blockchain Group Mulls Bitcoin-Friendly Bank Legislators in the “Equality State” are currently considering drafting legislation that would allow the creation of a […]

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Interview: Caitlin Long on Cryptocurrency Regulation and Why Wyoming is the Next ‘Crypto Valley’

Advertisement Note: This is part 2 in a multi-part interview series with Caitlin Long, a 22-year Wall Street veteran who formerly led Morgan Stanley’s Pension Solutions Group. Long, an ardent blockchain advocate, has been critical of Wall Street’s corrupt banking practices, which she fears institutions will integrate into their cryptocurrency products and services. Read part 1 here. […]

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Coinbase Returns to Wyoming after Three-Year Hiatus

Advertisement Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has finally reopened its services in Wyoming, a move that comes after the state successfully passed a handful of bills designed to create a favorable climate for the blockchain industry. The San Francisco-based Coinbase announced in a blog post that it has renewed its state-level money transmitter license, enabling it […]