Bitcoin Price Drops Further As Circle CEO Says ‘Core’ Crypto Assets ‘Undervalued’

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has said he believes “core” cryptocurrency assets are undervalued as the Bitcoin price tumbles closer to $ 3500. Allaire: ‘Markets Are Oversold’ In a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session January 10, Allaire, whose company famously decoupled itself from Bitcoin in 2016, also forecast less correlated trading in altcoin markets. “My general […]


Stellar Lumens Price Analysis: XRP’s 190% Gain Means XLM is grossly Undervalued Despite Sep 23 Surge

Across the sphere, bulls are dominant and that is visible as far as altcoins are concerned. EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and Cardano are rejecting lower lows. Most noteworthy are movements in ADA. Here, prices are bouncing building bull momentum as prices align with last week’s surges. All in all, we recommend buys at spot prices […]


Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) The Most Undervalued in the Top 10

Contrary to sentiment and upbeat expectation from within the crypto market, Ethereum is struggling against sellers. At spot prices, the second largest coin is down four percent. This is amid claims of discontentment  by some developers that the Constantinople hard fork deadline and expectations are overwhelming—if not unrealistic. From the News In a bid to […]