Bitcoin Bulls Roar as U.S. Politician Proposes ‘Two $1 Trillion Coins’ Idea

Bitcoin bulls were quite pleased on Saturday morning when Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal shared the “Automatic BOOST to Communities Act” published by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. While all politicians in the U.S. have responded to the coronavirus outbreak by proposing stimulus, Tlaib’s took the cake for being extreme. The program she proposed, which included a […]

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Trump’s $1 Trillion ‘MAGA Club’ Is Going All in on Bernie Sanders

Trump’s presidency has been a boon for U.S. tech giants. But Silicon Valley is backing disruptive Democrats by an overwhelming margin. The president’s “MAGA club” is lining up behind Bernie Sanders – not Donald Trump. President Donald Trump has unofficially licensed his MAGA slogan to Silicon Valley’s four most prestigious companies: Amazon, Apple, Google, and […]


Ethereum Can Reach a Trillion Dollar Market Cap, But There is a Key Roadblock

Ryan Sean Adams, founder at Mythos Capital, made a case for a trillion dollar Ethereum market cap. And it’s all about decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi refers to decentralized applications or platforms that allow investors to engage in traditional financial services by using Ethereum as collateral. Users can receive loans, trade derivatives, make payments, and more […]