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Here’s Bitcoin, Captain Kirk: Is William Shatner Next to Take the Lightning Torch?

William Shatner, who is the face of a Solar Alliance, has joined the #LNTrustChain fun. I understand this!😳😱😝 — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) February 6, 2019 The 86-year-old actor was either making a joke or he actually does understand how the Lightning Network. A joke might have something to do with Star Trek’s universal translator. […]


Bitcoiners Call For Elon Musk to Accept the Lightning Network Torch

Participants in the ongoing Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay have turned their attention to involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk after Twitter’s Jack Dorsey joined this week. First Dorsey, Now Musk? Lightning Torch, which involves users of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network implementation sending a transaction between themselves, increasing its value with each stop, has gained a loyal […]


Users Are Passing a Bitcoin ‘Lightning Torch’ Payment Around the World

A new, decidedly social feature on the Bitcoin Lightning Network is gaining popularity this week after one user set up cryptocurrency’s answer to the Olympic flame. Lightning Torch Reaches 2.3M Satoshis Dubbed ‘Lightning Torch,’ the initiative involves passing a lightning payment between nodes, with each receiving user adding 10,000 satoshis ($ 0.34) and passing on […]