Texas Law Threatens Cryptocurrency Users With ‘Oddly-Drafted’ Privacy Demands

Cryptocurrency lawyer and Coin Center head of research Peter van Valkenburgh has led criticism of a controversial new US law currently before lawmakers in Texas. ‘Not How Digital Currencies Work’ The bill, HB 4371, affects Texas only, seeking to ban usage of anonymous cryptocurrencies between unidentified parties. Little is understood about the new legislation, which […]

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Why This Privacy Watchdog Says the SEC’s Crypto Exchange Crackdown Threatens to Stifle Free Speech

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is taking the SEC to task for potentially repressive policies related to enforcement actions levied against crypto industry firms. Free speech online is the EFF’s wheelhouse, but in a recent blog post, they’ve also addressed other matters in the cryptosphere. The criminalization of “providing an algorithm” is too broad a language […]

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Israeli NGO Threatens to Sue Coinbase for Enabling Hamas’ Bitcoin Donations

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been threatened with a lawsuit by an Israeli civil rights NGO Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center) if it continues to allow Hamas to fundraise via its platform, The Jerusalem Post reports. Shurat HaDin now wants Coinbase to stop offering services to the Palestinian fundamentalist organization Hamas. The United States, where Coinbase […]

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Cryptocurrency Regulations Threatens UK’s ‘Fintech Hub’ Status: Report

Advertisement A little over a month since legislators in the United Kingdom branded the domestic cryptocurrency market the ‘Wild West’ and called for its regulation, experts have warned that such a move could have disastrous consequences for the fintech market in the world’s fifth largest economy. According to a report authored by the British Business […]

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China Threatens Overseas Tax Havens, Will Investors Flock to Crypto?

Advertisement Since early 2018, the government of China has tightened policies targeting millionaire investors in the country holding their wealth overseas to avoid large taxes, and it may lead local investors to alternative assets like crypto. Chinese investors rely on the Swiss offshore banking industry, Hong Kong real estate market, and foreign stock markets to […]