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Forget Earth Day: Massive Pollution in China Makes Apple Stock a Screaming Buy

Morgan Stanley believes Apple stock is looking bullish as China slowly recovers from a coronavirus-induced lockdown. The sudden deterioration in China’s air quality suggests industrial production is ramping up again–and that includes Apple’s factories across the mainland. Apple’s share price rose more than 3% Wednesday but continues to trade well below its February peak. On […]

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Here’s Why Snap Stock Skyrocketed 20% Today After Q1 Smash

Snap stock has soared by double-digits after better-than-expected first-quarter earnings results. The company performed well during the coronavirus crisis as mass quarantines boosted demand for mobile entertainment. Can the social media company hold off rivals like Tik Tok and Facebook? Snap (NYSE: SNAP) investors are laughing all the way to the bank as better-than-expected first-quarter […]


Bitcoin’s Minute-By-Minute Correlation With Stock Market May Signal Disaster

For most of Bitcoin’s life, it’s been a pitched as an asset uncorrelated from the stock market and other traditional equities. It’s been a strong selling point for institutional investors seeking to add variety or even derisk their portfolios. However, as of late, the first-ever cryptocurrency has been exhibiting a minute-by-minute correlation with the stock […]