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Cheesy Surprise: Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Send Pizza to US Peers Amid Shutdown

Canadian air traffic controllers showed support for their American peers who are working during the partial US government shutdown by sending them pizza. The Canadian Air Traffic Control Association units in Newfoundland and New Brunswick ordered 32 boxes of pizza for their counterparts in the New York Air Traffic Control Center in Long Island on Friday […]


Bitcoin ETF ‘Not Going To Happen’ Due To US Gov’t Shutdown, Says Lawyer

A Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is “not going to happen” in the event of a protracted US government shutdown. ‘In Reality It Would Never Happen’ That was the position of securities lawyer and frequent cryptocurrency commentator Jake Chervinsky this week in the face of mounting rumors the long-awaited instrument could soon go public. After president […]

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Government Shutdown Continues Over Trump’s Border Wall – Who Will Dominate Cross-Border Payments?

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone. While some conservatives are focused on fomenting national security with barriers, cryptocurrencies have at their heart a mission to cut across national boundaries. Money talks, and cryptocurrency enables anyone to talk to each other, instantly and with lower fees and fewer middle men. The […]

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Prolonged Government Shutdown Hangs Over Wall Street; How Will This Affect Crypto?

The debate over President Trump’s border wall has unveiled new partisan dysfunction in Washington as the United States on Saturday faced its third government shutdown in a year. The partial shutdown, which risks extending into the holidays, presents fresh headaches for Wall Street following the worst weekly selloff in a decade. For cryptocurrency investors, the […]