Ethereum (ETH) Respond After Elon Musk Tweet, ProgPOW Has the Funding

Ethereum (ETH) add 2.8 percent ProgPOW funding secure, Berlin’s Least Authority to audit Ethereum Price Analysis Fundamentals Ethereum (ETH) is superior and an upgrade of Bitcoin. Its native currency in ETH can operate within an ecosystem, powering smart contracting as a settlement coin. Besides, considering the infinite number of possibilities that the platform opens up […]


Funding Approved for Audit of Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Proposal

Ethereum developers announced today that funding has been approved to audit hotly-contested code change “Progressive Proof-of-Work” (ProgPoW). Since February, developers have been gathering finances to launch a third-party audit of the ProgPoW code. Today, during a weekly meeting, it was announced that the targeted amount of 50,000 DAI (equivalent to roughly $ 50,000) has been […]


Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Change to Be Considered for Istanbul Upgrade

The code designed to enact ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, may feature the inclusion of a controversial mining algorithm said to allow for broader participation in its network. Discussed Tuesday during a meeting of project managers working on the world’s second-largest blockchain, Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1057, also known as Progressive Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW), has been long debated. […]


Ethereum’s ProgPoW Proposal: An Expensive Game of Whack-a-Mole

Dovey Wan and Martina Long are partners at Primitive Ventures, a crypto asset investment fund. ––––––––– Recently, there has been discussion regarding a proposal to migrate ethereum away from proof-of-work called ProgPoW (short for programmatic proof of work). Proponents of ProgPoW want to flip the paradigm of the cryptocurrency mining industry on its head. Their thought […]