IBM: Cybercriminals Are Moving On From Ransomware to Cryptojacking

IBM researchers have found that cryptojacking dominated the cryptocurrency cybercrime scene in 2018, overtaking ransomware attacks. Experts say the comparatively less intrusive and stealthy nature of malicious crypto-mining is the primary reason why it is fast becoming the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals Pivot to Cryptojacking In a report published by the IBM X-Force Research […]


Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Price Stuck Between Converging Moving Averages Until Mid-Year

Traders, investors, and analysts are all watching Bitcoin price charts in hopes to better predict when the current crypto bear market ends and a new uptrend will resume. One particular crypto analyst believes that the Bitcoin price will continue to be squeezed tightly together until at least mid-year, as it consolidates between two important converging […]

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Binance Freezes WEX Accounts Caught Moving Possibly Stolen Funds

Advertisement Twitter Facebook Intrigue abounds around the allegedly Singapore-based WEX exchange, whose ownership and activities have both been called into question in recent months. Particularly of interest was the exchange listing a much higher market price for BTC and weirdly overcharging for USDT. CCN previously gave our readers an overly interesting report on the exchange […]


Blockchain Could Be Crucial for Moving AI Tech Forward

Many startups are attracting capital and developing products to make artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible, as well as better protecting personal data via blockchain tech. Blockchain to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and academics are rushing to embrace the awesome synergy resulting from the application of Bitcoin’s (BTC) 00 blockchain technology and artificial intelligence […]

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Bitcoin ETF Applicants to SEC: Stop Moving the Goal Posts, Eliminate ICO Double Standard

Advertisement Earlier this month, representatives from options exchange CBOE, fund provider VanEck, and blockchain startup SolidX met with top Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brass, and — unsurprisingly — the group’s pending bitcoin ETF application was at the top of the agenda. Bitcoin Market Reaching Maturity In the meeting, which was held on Oct. 9, […]


Crypto Trading 101: The Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Simple trading methods like the trend-following approach work best when trading cryptocurrencies or financial markets in general. While several technical indicators help identify changes in the strength, momentum, and duration of a trend, none are simpler and more widely used than the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). By definition, the MACD “turns two trend-following indicators, […]