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New Zealand Police Investigate ‘Complex’ $2.4 Million ETH Cryptopia Hack

Image from Shutterstock Police authorities in New Zealand have admitted the Cryptotopia hack case is no small task, citing complex challenges in tracing the accused. Crypto Attackers have the Cops on Trail An official release on January 16 has confirmed investigations are ongoing at Cryptopia’s headquarters in Christchurch. Authorities acknowledge the company’s full coordination in […]

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Tesla Faces Squeeze as Volkswagen Invests $800 Million in US Electric Car Plant

Tesla is under pressure now that Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford ratcheted up their electric-car game. With these automobile juggernauts fighting for domination, competition in the electric vehicle field has never been fiercer. On Jan. 14, German automaker Volkswagen announced plans to invest $ 800 million to expand an electric vehicle (EV) plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. […]

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BREAKING: Norwegian Millionaire Missing Since October 31st, Husband Found Threat Note Demanding 9 Million Euros in Monero

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (68) has been missing since October 31st last year according to the Norwegian Police. Her husband, Tom Hagen, is Norway’s 172 richest person according to Kapital. Serious threats have been made by what appears to be the kidnappers, which is why the police has kept a low profile since they started investigating […]

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Indian Police Make Fourth Arrest in $70 Million Crypto Scam

Delhi cyber crime police have made further developments in the unfolding cryptocurrenvy scam run by an organization going by the name ‘Flintstone Group’. The group launched a fraudulent cryptocurrency called Money Trade Coin (MTC), hoodwinking 25,000 investors with promises of massive returns which, of course, never materialized. After making three arrests last year including Flintstone […]


Ethereum Classic Losses Top $1 Million after 51% Attack: Coinbase Research

Losses stemming from an ongoing 51 percent attack against Ethereum Classic have now breached the million-dollar barrier, according to updated figures published by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Ethereum Classic Attack Grows More Costly CCN first reported yesterday that the 18th-largest cryptocurrency appeared to have become the latest blockchain network to succumb to a 51 percent attack, […]


Ethereum Foundation Grants $5 Million to Parity Technologies

The Ethereum Foundation has just awarded a $ 5 million grant to Parity Technologies to support the firm’s work building the blockchain network’s next iteration, ethereum 2.0. The organization announced Monday that the funding is a “scalability, usability and security” grant, in particular aimed to boost work on Casper, a proof-of-stake protocol upgrade, and the scaling […]


Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Bounce Back, Wells Fargo to Reimburse $575 Million

Latest Bitcoin News Among other advantages, the blockchain is transparent, and once there is a registration, it’s easy to track all transactions related to that address. That’s why this technology is perhaps the most significant innovation of the 21st century. If traditional companies incorporate this technology, then talks of scams and other unscrupulous activities will […]