Virgin Galactic Stock Is Nothing Like Tesla – It’s Light-Years Worse

Advertisement Virgin Galactic (NASDAQ: SPCE) stock is the darling of Wall Street speculation. Chairman Chamath Palihapitiya believes his company is not a bubble, comparing it to Tesla and citing pent-up demand for space travel. Unfortunately, SPCE stock is still light-years away from being like Tesla, or even Beyond Meat. Virgin Galactic Chairman Chamath Palihapitiya is […]


Is $10,000 Bitcoin’s New $1,000? Price Action Like Pre-2017 Bull Run, Says Analyst

Bitcoin has once again topped the $ 10,000 level. The leading crypto asset by market capitalisation crossed the psychologically significant level multiple times over the last couple of weeks. For some analysts, the shrinking resistance the Bitcoin price experiences as it crosses into five figures is reminiscent of the crypto’s flirtations either side of $ […]


Bitcoin Scaling Layer Lightning Network “Works Like a Charm”, Says Bitfinex CTO

The first week of Lightning Network support at cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, has seen more than 800 transactions make use the Bitcoin payments layer. The company’s Chief Technical Officer Paolo Ardoino says customers have deposited more than seven Bitcoin (~$ 52,000) to the exchange since it added Lightning payments. Despite recent Lightning Network vulnerabilities, it appears […]