You Can Now Tip Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has installed and publicly praised a consumer-grade tool for receiving tips via Bitcoin and the Lightning Network (LN). Dorsey Embraces Bitcoin In tweets February 20, Dorsey, who has come out highly bullish on both Bitcoin and more recently LN, continued his advocacy of the technology by championing Tippin subsequently reached […]


Jack Dorsey Tweets Support for Lightning Network Use on Twitter

Jack Dorsey has endorsed the recent launch of a Twitter in-browser tipping extension built using the Lightning Network. The second layer scaling solution launched last year allows for near-instant, feeless payments in Bitcoin and by using the new Tippin extension, users can show their support for posters’ content financially. Twitter users can add Tippin to either Chrome […]


The Lightning Pump, Bitcoin Adoption Inevitable as BTC Prices Inch Higher

Bitcoin prices are technically bullish, must close above $ 3,800 Lightning Network picking up, Domino’s Pizza now accepts Bitcoin via LN Participation levels have been shrinking, volumes behind a bull confirming bar must exceed 35k From the look of things, Bitcoin adoption will be fast-tracked by the Lightning Network. Elizabeth Stark’s project recently got a […]


Lightning Pizza Lets You Order Domino’s With Bitcoin For Less Than 1 Cent

A new consumer app enabling anyone in the US to order pizza using Bitcoin via the Lightning Network launched last week. LN Pizza ‘Spurs Awareness And Adoption’ Lightning Pizza, the latest offering from San Francisco-based Bitcoin payment app Fold, claims to be the “first Nation-wide retail service powered by lightning payments meant to spread utility […]


Jack Dorsey: Lightning Coming To Square Cash App Is ‘When’, Not ‘If’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has all but confirmed that Bitcoin’s Lightning Network will feature in the payment wallet and app built by his other company, Square. Focus On Speed And Efficiency Speaking on the Stephan Livera podcast February 11, Dorsey, joined Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark in discussing Lightning’s ideals and his personal belief in the […]