Trump Economist: Ignore This Indicator of an Epic Stock Market Crash

Larry Kudlow is the top economist in Trump’s White House. He says don’t mind crashing bond yields, or this week’s fearful stock market. Kudlow says these are just “mood swings” while the economy’s fundamentals remain strong. But he’s cherry-picking fundamentals. Other analysts point to the fundamentals Kudlow is ignoring. The ones that indicate a recession […]

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Here’s Why Epic Mysteriously Axed This Week’s Game Store Freebie

Pandemic will no longer feature among this week’s Epic Game Store freebies. The free download has been pushed back to “a later date.” The decision seemingly motivated by coronavirus concerns. But there’s an even more cynical explanation. Late last week, Epic Games uncharacteristically announced this week’s Epic Store freebies ahead of the usual Thursday reveal. […]