Financial Firm SBI Holdings to Offer XRP Cryptocurrency as Shareholders’ Benefit

Japan’s crypto-friendly financial services company SBI Holdings is to give shareholders the option to receive the XRP cryptocurrency as a benefit. SBI announced on Friday that shareholders could either take the benefit in XRP or another product offered by its health food and cosmetics subsidiary SBI Alapromo. Under the scheme, newer shareholders on the company’s […]


President Maduro Forces Airlines to Buy Fuel Using Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, recently announced that he plans to revive the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro, which failed to attract users. Venezuela’s Petro: National cryptocurrency that failed The last several years have brought great economic difficulties for the country of Venezuela, whose native currency, bolivar, suffered a great loss of value due to extreme inflation. […]


“What is Bitcoin?” Cryptocurrency Question Seen by 14 Million Viewers of Jeopardy!

Bitcoin was featured in a question on the iconic TV show Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Thursday, further bringing the cryptocurrency into public view as episodes this week attract almost 15 million viewers per show. “What is Bitcoin?” This week saw the first round of Jeopardy! GOAT, pitting champions James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter against […]


How China’s National Cryptocurrency Will Improve the Nation’s Economy

According to recent information, China’s e-yuan will roll out in early 2020, and it will be very cautious, initially only focusing on consumer spending. Recent reports regarding China’s upcoming cryptocurrency claim that Beijing is preparing to launch the so-called ‘e-yuan’ in early 2020. This will be the world’s first digital sovereign currency. However, the reports […]