Nearly 40% of Chinese Willing to Invest in Cryptocurrencies, Finds New Survey

Image: Dragon lantern, China, Pixabay Nearly 40% of Chinese are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies in the near future, according to findings from a new survey conducted by PANews. Image: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Pixabay The study, which asked close to 5,000 Chinese people about their familiarly and interest in cryptocurrency, found that 98.22% have heard of […]

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63% Of Chinese Respondents Think Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Are Unnecessary

A recent survey conducted by Chinese blockchain news site PANews made some interesting conclusions. Namely, overall 63% of 4,200 people surveyed think cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are unnecessary as a payment system. However, 40% would consider investing in cryptos. About 14% of the people surveyed had invested in cryptocurrencies already. The majority of the people who […]


Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Steady, RBI Might Legalize Cryptocurrencies

Latest Bitcoin News Even if there are regulatory questions about the legitimacy of digital assets and other blockchain derivatives as cryptocurrencies, these solutions are finding use cases. Bitcoin is especially an innovation borne out of necessity, and ten years later, the asset has been disrupting thanks to its inherent properties as privacy, speed, and general […]


3 Cryptocurrencies Decoupling From Bitcoin into 2019 (PAL, TRX, WAVES)

2018 was underwhelming compared to 2017. The bear market went into full swing and most cryptocurrencies lost over eighty percent. Bitcoin has begun decoupling from many cryptocurrencies including those having some of the biggest developments of 2018. WAVES, TRX, and PAL are three cryptocurrencies that have persevered through the bear market. These three projects exceeded […]