Bitcoin SV Will Cannibalize All Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin, Trumpets Craig Wright’s Pal

By CCN: Leading Bitcoin SV proponent Calvin Ayre has warned that the demise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is imminent. Speaking to Bloomberg, Ayre stated that if BSV’s scaling plans materialize other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin will be rendered irrelevant: If BSV scales, continues to follow its scaling roadmap, there’s just no need for anything else. […]

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Cryptocurrencies Won’t Die in 10 Years but Bitcoin Will Be Overtaken: Euro Poll

By A majority of Europeans believe cryptocurrencies will still be around in ten years time, according to new data. A survey by bitFlyer Europe, a regulated crypto exchange, which polled 10,000 individuals in ten European countries, revealed that 63 percent believe in the staying power of digital currencies. However, Europeans are less confident about […]


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies (Not Named Bitcon) Leading the Charge in 2019

Every now and again, Bitcoinist has to admit that altcoins serve a purpose. It’s nauseating watching sh*tcoin after sh*tcoin distract fleeting investors, but the data doesn’t lie. Let’s look at the top five performing cryptocurrencies (not named Bitcoin) that are unleashing the bulls right now. Start of Another Bitcoin/Crypto Bull-Run? We’ve gotten pretty used to […]


Biggest US Exchange Will Pay Institutional Investors Interest on ‘Staked’ Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin exchange giant Coinbase is introducing a new space for investing by launching a program that offers institutional investors the option to earn interest on specific cryptocurrencies they hold. 5-8% Interest For Coinbase Custody Customers The San-Francisco based exchange allows customers to buy and sell several cryptocurrencies. It also operates Coinbase Custody, which provides fund […]