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Elon Musk: SEC Chaos Might Allow Tesla CEO to Work on Less ‘Boring Projects

If Elon Musk was busy last week, he’s swamped this week. The workaholic Tesla boss has his hands full at the best of times overseeing one of the world’s most valuable car companies (Tesla), a ground-breaking private space exploration enterprise (Space X) and his lesser-known but equally interesting public-transit company (The Boring Company). Telsa has […]


Nail in the Coffin? Shifts Hash to Bitcoin Cash ABC to ‘End Chaos’

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Significant cryptocurrency mining outfit has begun mining bitcoin cash on the blockchain supported by Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC), potentially putting another nail in the coffin of the minority Bitcoin SV (BSV) chain. Including its BTC operation, the pool has more hash by itself than all of BSV combined, meaning that the […]