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Fed Chair Jerome Powell Just Admitted the U.S. Economy Is Screwed

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell resumed his congressional testimony on Wednesday. He told lawmakers that low interest rates have become a fact of life. Twenty-four hours earlier, he asserted that the U.S. economy was doing just fine. Powell’s half right: The U.S. can’t survive normal monetary policy without risking financial ruin. Jerome Powell told Congress […]


Regulated Derivatives Will ‘Legitimize’ Crypto, Says CFTC Chair

The chairman of the Commodities and Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) believes regulated derivatives will instill market confidence in cryptocurrencies. Chair Heath Tarbert told Cheddar Monday that his agency is helping create a regulated futures market that investors would be able to “rely on” for better “price discovery, hedging and risk management.” “By allowing [cryptocurrencies] to […]

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Maxine Waters Grills Fed Chair Powell on Trump – And Crypto

After grilling Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Capitol Hill about his agency’s response to Facebook’s Libra “cryptocurrency,” US Representative Maxine Waters finished her questioning by asking the central banker what he would do if Donald Trump “fired” him. Federal Reserve Chair on Resigning: “I Wouldn’t Do That” The California Democrat started and ended her […]