China’s Bitcoin Mining Ban is a Short-Term Blow, But Easily Recoverable

According to Reuters, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China has drafted a proposal that may ban Bitcoin mining. The NDRC is responsible for economic planning, which includes the administration of a list of industries for restriction or elimination. Consequently, details of the latest list propose the removal of cryptocurrency mining. The reasons […]

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Texas Wants to Ban Anonymous Crypto: Is This a Blow to Bitcoin as Well?

Texas Republican Rep. Phil Stephenson has introduced a bill-draft that would require Texans to identify themselves before they use crypto assets like bitcoin. In Texas House Bill No 4371, Stephenson took the institutionalization of digital currencies to an altogether new level. His bill recognized the blockchain technology as a tool that enables users to create […]


Bitcoin Suffers Severe Blow to Legitimacy, but It’s Based on “Fake News”

Larry Shover, the chief financial officer at SFG Alternatives, has stated that he feels the news circulating yesterday about Goldman Sachs’ shelving of plans to launch their own cryptocurrency trading desk has dealt the leading digital asset’s legitimacy a “severe blow.” The main issue with Shover’s analysis is that it is based on a journalistic […]