Satoshi Nakamoto May Have Considered a Bitcoin Kill Switch

With so little known about the person or group behind the mysterious pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s difficult to imagine the motivation behind designing and developing the first-ever peer-to-peer electronic cash system with Bitcoin. One goal was clear: create a decentralized cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled by governments. To do that, Nakamoto built in certain fail-safes […]


US Dollar Mirrors 1920s Weimar Republic Hyperinflation Against Bitcoin

The Bitcoin price in US dollars has begun exhibiting a trend which closely mimics the price history of Germany’s Papiermark during hyperinflation. Against Fiat, Bitcoin Follows Gold’s Price Trajectory A summary chart uploaded to social media by the cryptocurrency analysis account planB compares BTC/USD over the past eight years with the Papiermark’s value versus the […]


A Lightning API for Bitcoin Futures Data Has Launched

An experimental service that allows users to pay for futures data from exchanges Kraken and BitMEX with bitcoin’s in-development lightning network is now live. Launched by Suredbits Monday, the application programming interface (API) allows developers access to information about available futures contracts, specifically, according to CEO Chris Stewart: “You will be able to subscribe to market […]

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Winklevoss Twins: Facebook Cryptocurrency is ‘Cool’ But Bitcoin is Better

Billionaire investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aren’t too worried that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project will end up being a “bitcoin killer.” In fact, they maintain that it will have more impact on the world than Facebook ever did. Winklevoss: Bitcoin Still ‘So Young’ for People to Crow over its Demise Speaking to the UK’s Daily Telegraph […]