The Rise of Computer Power Threatens Ethereum Miners

Julio Gil-Pulgar · May 10, 2018 · 1:00 am Bitmain, the Chinese chip maker, is manufacturing hardware and chips that deliver such hash power that those using them could end up controlling the Ethereum transaction confirmation process, obliterating small miners. As a result, Ethereum developers are fiercely working on countermeasures, such as Casper, to dramatically […]


Netherlands Introduces First Blockchain Research Agenda

The Netherlands Blockchain Coalition has been presented it’s first Blockchain Research Agenda by its ambassador, Rob van Gijzel, on Tuesday. Netherlands Blockchain Coalition, which was created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy as a part of the TopTeam ICT research agenda, aims to research blockchain technology and analyze the impact and potential of blockchain on society. There are three different concerns that […]


Nasdaq’s CEO is Majorly Bullish Towards Cryptocurrency

Adam James · May 11, 2018 · 2:00 pm The future of Nasdaq is almost certainly set to include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thanks to CEO Adena Friedman’s bullishness towards blockchain technology. Bullish on Blockchain Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman is majorly into the blockchain —Bitcoin’s underlying technology — believing that the revolutionary technology will reshape our economy. […]


Mobile Wallet Paycent Adds Support For Cryptocurrency Dash

Dash Core Payment-focused cryptocurrency Dash has been integrated into Texcent Asia’s mobile wallet app Paycent. The cryptocurrency is now available to Paycent users and the company’s network of 36 million merchants globally. Users and merchants can now buy, sell and convert Dash with other cryptocurrencies and national currencies, the company announced on Wednesday. In addition […]