Numerai Token Sale Raises $11 Million From VC Firms Paradigm, Placeholder

Few companies in 2019 have managed to attract venture capitalists to private token sales without giving up equity. Yet the hedge fund and predictions market startup Numerai just closed an $ 11 million round in March led by Paradigm and Placeholder strictly by selling NMR tokens, first launched through an airdrop in 2017. According to […]

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Ontology’s Crypto ONT Surges 74.5% in March – What’s Driving the Rally?

Another seemingly original blockchain project is looking at its valuation going up this March. Ontology, backed by a Chinese blockchain development firm OnChain, experienced a 74.5-percent surge in the value of its native token ONT. Between March 5 and today, the ONT-to-dollar rate jumped from 0.80 to 1.40. In the last 24-hours alone, the rate […]

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BetterHash Can Improve Bitcoin Mining Decentralization, But When?

The level of centralization in mining is one of the more credible problems with Bitcoin today. While there has not been much activity in terms of actual attacks made possible through mining centralization (although some would refer to SegWit2x as an attack), it does add questions to the level of security offered by various layer-two […]


Bitcoin Mining Giant Canaan Secures New Funding in ‘Hundreds of Millions of Dollars’

Canaan Creatives, the world’s second-largest bitcoin mining chipmaker, has raised ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ in a new financing round. STCN reported that the latest funding pushed Canaan’s worth to at least a billion dollar. According to a study published by the Hurun Research Institute, Canaan’s valuation was close to $ 2.98 billion by the […]


Bitcoin Mining’s Most Surprising Haven – Your Local College Campus

CISCO’s Austin McBride delivered a shocking report at this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco which claims that 22% of all crypto mining traffic comes from college campuses. Perhaps more interesting, CISCO found that 62% of all crypto mining traffic comes from the US. This is a shift from past years when Asian miners dominated […]


Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Launches New Chip, Hints at New Miners

Bitmain has announced the BM1397, a new, more efficient cryptocurrency mining chip. The chip sports a 28% power efficiency improvement over its predecessor. The news brought with a mention of upcoming S17 and T17 models, about which very little other information is available. According to a press release, the chip uses just 30 joules per […]


Jack Dorsey: Square Will Pay Bitcoin Devs To Build Open-Source Ecosystem

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed a major scheme to pay developers to build out the Bitcoin ecosystem with open source technology. Dorsey Plans To ‘Give Back’ To Open Source In a move which underscored the tech mogul’s appreciation of both cryptocurrency and freely accessible innovation, Dorsey said he will hire “3-4 crypto […]

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