Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork Nears and ETH Hacks Rise

Two days ago, brand new code was released on GitHub that had a Constantinople activation time within it. The post reads that Geth, or ‘Go Ethereum,’ is a special release and a hard fork will take place on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet at block 7,080,000. This new hard fork is expected to take place around […]

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Ethereum’s Geth Software Upgrades Ahead of January Hard Fork


Crypto Trading App Circle Invest Lists BCH Offshoot Bitcoin SV

Advertisement Circle’s Invest app now providers users the ability to buy Bitcoin SV (BSV), according to a tweet from the company this morning. CCN verified that BSV is available in the application as of its latest version. The application has over 50,000 installations on the Google Play store, making it significantly less popular than Coinbase, […]

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Explains Why ADA’s New Smart Contract Tools are a Boon for Fintech

Venezuela: Church’s Chicken Accepts Crypto Payments after KFC Denies Rumors

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Debunking the Bitcoin Death Spiral Theory

Bitcoin critics always seem to be the loudest during bear markets, which means the most ridiculous negative statements about the digital asset are also made during these times. In addition to plenty of claims of bitcoin’s death from the likes of angel investor Jason Calacanis and economist Nouriel Roubini, there is now also the theory […]


Report: At Least 77.6% of Bitcoin Mining Powered by Renewable Energy

The latest version of Coinshares’s bi-annual bitcoin mining report is now available, and it includes some fascinating conclusions in terms of the types of energy sources involved in the bitcoin mining process. According to the report, at least 77.6% of bitcoin mining is powered by renewable energy, which is in direct contrast to the sorts […]


Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Just Saw its Second-Largest Drop in History

Advertisement The crypto market’s prolonged decline has finally begun to manifest in the bitcoin mining industry, which had at times seemed impervious to falling prices but is now experiencing a moderate exodus. Bitcoin Hash Rate Begins Rare Decline At a basic level, miners produce Bitcoin blocks by competing to solve complex mathematical problems. When the […]


German Firm Xolaris Launches Two Bitcoin Mining Investment Funds

Advertisement CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. German investment firm Xolaris has launched a European private-equity fund focused on bitcoin mining. Xolaris expects to raise $ 34 million to $ 57 million for the four-year project, the company announced in a […]