Ethereum 2.0 Likely to Happen as Tens of Millions Sent to Deposit Contract

Ethereum 2.0 seems to be confirmed to happen soon as deposits in the contract spike. Ethereum 2.0 Nears as Deposits Spike There is now 80% of the ETH needed to launch the upgrade by December 1st, as Etherscan shows. For some more context, there needs to be 524,000 ETH in the contract for the upgrade […]

Ethereum Drops Below Crucial Technical Pattern and Must Hold $430

Analysts Still Expect Ethereum Rally to $500 Despite $40 Flash Drop

Quantative Analyst Says Ethereum Could Hit $10,000 This Market Cycle


CipherTrace files patent for Monero transaction tracker

The big question ahead now is what happens to privacy coins like Monero? Blockchain analytics and forensics firm CipherTrace has revealed it filed patents for tracing Monero transactions at the end of last week. The firm claimed that it would be able to trace illicit transactions involving privacy coins. If the claim is true, the […]

The game is afoot for Enjin and Aave

Public support needed to launch a CBDC in Japan

Ethereum 2.0 could be two months away or less


Cypherpunk Holdings adds 72.979 BTC to its reserves

Canadian investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings recently increased its stake in the leading crypto by market cap to become the 9th largest holder of the asset Cypherpunk Holdings invests in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies with a strong focus on those that are privacy-oriented. It has previously invested in many other privacy-oriented ventures, such as Samourai Wallet […]


PayPal and Square responsible for Bitcoin’s soaring price

Recent activities by PayPal and Square have been the major catalysts for Bitcoin’s price rally, says Pantera Capital Pantera Capital claims giant payment corporation PayPal and financial service company Square have contributed significantly to the recent Bitcoin rally. The blockchain investment firm argues that the two companies are buying almost every new mined Bitcoin, resulting […]


Bitcoin price sees $18,000

BTC price rose to highs of $ 18,483 before cooling off, though fresh sell-side pressure could see bears retest the $ 17,000 area Bitcoin bulls are having yet another good day after pushing BTC price to highs of $ 18,483 in the past 24 hours. Over the past seven days, BTC/USD has surged by more […]


Bitcoin price outlook: BTC/USD hits third-highest ever weekly close

If Bitcoin bounces higher from the $ 15,975 weekly close, a retest of 2020 highs around $ 16,494 would likely see it print its second-highest green candle on the weekly chart This past week, Bitcoin news was dominated by PayPal for crypto in the US, a Chinese bank shelling out $ 3 billion worth of […]